Bottling 132 Years of Tradition (The Story of Steamm)

by Joey Grassia September 05, 2016

This is the story of how Steamm came to be.

By Joey Grassia, Founder of Steamm.


Growing up as the son of an Italian immigrant, fresh-pulled espresso was always a part of our daily routine. My dad woke up early each morning to pull incredibly smooth and potent shots of rich espresso. To him, it was an art that required both experience and precision. The strong roast and frothy crema were perfect for powering through each day. Each shot was so simple, yet so powerful.


Unfortunately, when I grew older, I was swiftly persuaded by the trials and trade-offs of a busy lifestyle. I forfeited my love for the painstaking craft, replacing it with the convenience of canned energy drinks and roadside, “one-touch espresso". For years, I settled for these synthetic concoctions, despite being well-aware of their health dangers and horrible taste.


Then, after the repeated drudgery of a long commute, the idea for something better occurred to me. I had been driving from Austin to Fort Worth (3+ hours) on a weekly basis, in order to meet with potential business partners. Each time, as I arrived into town, I would stop at the gas station and choose from an assortment of brightly colored, chemical-tasting energy drinks. The process frustrated me and made me long for the carefully crafted espresso I had once grown accustomed to enjoying. And with that desire and frustration came the idea for Steamm - authentic, artisan espresso in a bottle.


Of course, nothing worth doing is easy.


We have spent more than a year seeking out the best ingredients and methods for crafting and bottling this age-old beverage. The method we use for pulling each shot is similar to the original method for making espresso, first pioneered by Angelo Moriondo in 1884. We hope you enjoy this time-honored craft as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life.

Joey Grassia
Joey Grassia


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