Ways To Enjoy Steamm

by Joey Grassia May 27, 2016

The traditional way to drink an espresso is to do so quickly and straight up, but we are continuously learning about different ways people are enjoying it. Here are a few of our favorites.


Straight Up

Our team prefers to shoot Steamm chilled and straight up, whether it be in the morning to start the day, the afternoon for a pick-me-up or en route to the gym. If you would like to try it hot, pour Steamm into a cup and microwave for 40 seconds.


Steamm Espresso Shot


Almond Milk Latte

A lot of people love their comforting cup of coffee in the morning too much to skip the cream and sugar. Try our twist on this classic by combining Steamm with almond milk and stevia.


Steamm Espresso Over Almond Milk


Energizing Protein Shake

It is no secret that we should be consuming more protein. Add Steamm to your favorite protein recipe and kill two birds with one stone.

Steamm Espresso Protein Shake


Espresso Cocktail

Mixing cocktails using energy drinks is a thing of the past. Kick the chemicals and mix Steamm with your liquor of choice.


Steamm Espresso Cocktail


The Affogato 

Pour Steamm over a scoop of vanilla ice cream to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Steamm Espresso Affogato


We will be posting recipes from our favorite bartenders, athletes and friends in San Francisco. Keep your eye out for delicious new ways you can enjoy Steamm, and please be sure to share your ideas on Instagram with #steammpower!

Joey Grassia
Joey Grassia


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