So You're Working From Home...Now What?

by Kevin Newsum March 25, 2020

Safe to say that this is shaping up to be a year we'll never forget, and for reasons that many of us couldn't anticipate. It's a careful world out there, and with that realization, many of us are working from home, out of necessity.

There's a rhythm one gets used to in your working life, and that may be difficult for some to replicate from home. And we've been thinking about best practices, and how to create a little bit of normal in what for many feel like unusual circumstances.

Here are a few best practices to keep you both sane and efficient when you're working where you live.

  • Maintain Regular Hours. Routine is your friend here, and the regular hours also give you reason to segment the amount of time that you work. Start at the same time every day. Keep a calendar. Know when your day starts, and when it's supposed to end. 
  • Create a Morning Routine. This is a reminder for your brain to turn on when you need it, and your routine is a huge part of creating the pattern that starts your day off right. Try doing the same types of things that help you the most in the same order if possible. 
  • Schedule Breaks. Sanity check. Try not working during lunch, or schedule a break (coffee or otherwise) when you can exhale for a few minutes. 
  • Keep Dedicated Office Space. This may be easier for some than others, but if you can always work in the same place, the familiarity of your work area routine can serve as a subtle reminder for your brain to focus during work time. 
  • Set Ground Rules.  Boundaries. In order to focus, if you share your home with others (most of us do), letting them know in advance when you're available and when you're not is important. 
  • Create Modest Milestones. Set at least one thing that you want to accomplish today above all else. Determine a modest reward for yourself when you check it off (dessert, a chapter of your favorite book, or another relaxing pleasure). 

Working from home can be a Your Mileage May Vary scenario, but hopefully, with a few guiding principles in place, a little order can help you see your way through until we're all able to enter the wild (or your local metropolis) again. Be safe and well out there. And if you ever need a pick me up to help you focus, we're around

Kevin Newsum
Kevin Newsum


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