About Us


Ok, Seriously. What's Going On Around Here?

Occasionally people are curious as to how Steamm came to be and what, exactly, compels one into the bottled espresso business.

It's a fair question.

We're not different from so many who have yearned to build something and to connect with folks, and we took on the challenge that a small business can bring. It's a lot of work.

But it's also been crazy rewarding.

If you were wondering, Steamm's original formula is the brainchild of an American who used to visit his grandfather in Italy as a child. He'd make the trip with his family, fly halfway around the world, and noticed how universal espresso was in the old country. It was a notion that stuck with him.

And Steamm is also the byproduct of a team who honed our skills (in part) working with chocolate (which can be similarly temperamental to coffee). In our first several months, we've rolled out three flavors (Steamm Original, Steamm Lite and Limited Edition Steamm Brown Sugar Cinnamon) with more flavors under consideration. 

We've tinkered quite a bit to craft something people respond to, and we really love hearing when Steamm has boosted your day. Got a question or a request or feedback? Wave anytime.

In the meantime, we'll be working hard to bring you more hand-pulled artisan goodness. ☕