How To Hack Your Morning Routine With Steamm Espresso

by Kevin Newsum September 15, 2018

"I could be a morning person. If morning happened around noon."

It's a familiar sentiment. 

Even the most "morning person" among us occasionally struggles with getting going, and too often the way we start our mornings informs the rest of our day.

Fortunately, you don't have to settle for slowly emerging from your morning fog. You can get Steammed

Like A High Five For Your Brain

The beans are pretty important. We curate our beans from some of the planet's most celebrated growing regions (our current harvest is from Chiapas, Mexico), ensuring the flavor notes in Steamm harmonize with the Peruvian cacao we steep our espresso in after brewing. And 130 mg of caffeine ensures that the kick start you're after is moments away. Whatever your day throws at'll be ready.

Hack Your Morning Espresso. How you take your Steamm is a matter of personal preference, but you have plenty of options. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Straight, No Chaser. The purists among us sip theirs straight from the bottle. Give it a good shake and that should help to bring the cacao forward, and remember, there are two shots of espresso each bottle of Steamm. Drink it all and you'll be wide awake for awhile. Others prefer a shot in the morning and another later in the day to revive. Serve chilled.
  • Whole Latte Love. The latte can be a life affirming jumpstart. An iced latte is the fastest: pour your Steamm over a cup of ice and fill the remaining cup with your choice of milk. Those who prefer their lattes heated can warm up your Steamm and use a hand held frother to create an extra creamy mix.
  • Viva the Caffe Americano. The American GI classic: take one bottle of Steamm, pour into your favorite mug or cup, heat, and add equal parts hot water. It's definitely not coffee, but it's easy to understand why it's become a staple.
  • Embrace The Cortado. This Old World classic. Cortado literally means "cut" in Spanish, and that's what happens here. You take one bottle of Steamm, pour it into a cup, heat it, and cut with either one equal part or half part milk 
  • Try a Morning Mocha. Pour one shot of warmed Steamm Espresso (a half bottle), mix in chocolate powder, add your choice of steamed milk and foam with a handheld frother. Boom.

And just like the food you ingest, quality coffee or espresso matters (you'll definitely taste the difference, too). Our single origin espresso keeps you sharp so you can get things done. To grab your Steamm, head here

Kevin Newsum
Kevin Newsum


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