Making A DIY Espresso Bar Is Easier Than You Think

by Allison Newsum April 08, 2019

Spring has sprung, which means April showers...and by showers, I mean baby showers, bridal showers, Easter brunches, graduation parties, Mother's Day brunch and so on.

Recently, a friend was hosting a baby shower brunch and we were discussing non-alcoholic drink options for the guests. We often hear about mimosa and bloody mary bars at events like these, but since this was a morning event, she really wanted to offer something caffeinated in addition to standard brunch cocktails. As host, she didn't have the time to monitor a coffee maker, and manage whether it was full (or getting cold). 

After some brainstorming, she and I conjured a DIY espresso bar.

The solution turned out to be both simpler and more fun.

espresso coffee DIY bar

We pulled together a variety of Steamm Espresso bottles and placed them in a bucket of ice. In a separate ice bucket, we placed containers of whole milk. almond milk, half and half, and sparkling water. 

From an easy brown sugar cinnamon iced latte (ice + milk + 1 bottle of Steamm's Brown Sugar Cinnamon Espresso) to a sparkling Americano (ice + plain sparkling water  + 1 bottle of original Steamm Espresso + a splash of half & half), guests enjoyed concocting quick and refreshing espresso drinks in a fraction of the time it would typically take. 

PS - Got a special occasion coming up? Your espresso is waiting -

Allison Newsum
Allison Newsum


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