Seven Travel Hacks to Elevate Your Next Trip

by Kevin Newsum March 20, 2019

How You Get There...Matters

So often we consider traveling in terms of our destination. Where we're headed naturally feels like the goal, and the traveling itself—the journey—almost registers as an afterthought. And it's tempting to imagine our trips that way. The destination is so often, after all, the point of going.

But whether you're vacationing, traveling for work, or en route to visit friends or family, giving thought to *how* you travel can impact your trip as much as *where* you travel. And because the act of going from one place to another is inherently a certain amount of hassle, making your trip work for you can make a good trip better...and a better trip memorable.

Here are a few tips to make your next journey unforgettable:

  • Take Your Time Off. For whatever reason, many Americans don't take the time off that their jobs allow. Getting away from the workplace not only helps you recharge, but tends to make you more productive when you return. So clock out already.
  • Opt For Smaller Weekend Getaways. When possible, shorter trips can inject new energy and experiences into your life - and that doesn't mean you you have to travel by car: examine short hop or direct flights that get you to your destination efficiently.
  • On Long Hauls, Look Into Stopover Programs. If you're jetsetting at length, it may be worthwhile to consider a stopover (the 'side hustle' of vacations). Not very airline offers these, but plenty (especially if you're traveling internationally) do. Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, Icelandair and plenty of others offer robust opportunities to add entertaining junkets to your journey. And flight watchdog sights (like the appropriately named Airfare Watchdog) can help you do this more affordably backed out against the days when flights are cheapest.
  • Use Or Apply For Credit Cards with Travel Perks. The right card can bring you points just for hitting the road, and you can parlay that into additional trips (or goods) later. Both Chase Sapphire Preferred and Capital One Venture offer choice options.
  • Flight Alerts Key Top Deals. Half the battle with finding the right flight is grabbing the one you want before they sell out (or before they're available to the general public). CheapAir ran a study that suggested booking a flight three months to three weeks ahead for best results, so planning helps, but in a pinch, Airfare Watchdog can keep you on top of price drops as they happen.
  • Travel In The Offseason. Recently I journeyed to Montreal in November. It's a lovely city, Canadians are as hospitable as advertised, and the sites were charming. So many of the locals asked why in the world one might travel north into the snow on purpose, but the truth is that beyond the special occasion, traveling north in winter meant more affordable flights and accomodations. And that means more money to spend on your experiences once you get there.
  • Fortify For Your Trip. You're going to need patience and planning to optimize your adventure, and you're going to need energy. A boost at the beginning of your trip, no matter the length, can provide focus, and power you up to handle any challenges that arise.

Need a 'pick-me-up' for your next trip (or staycation)? Use the discount code JETSET for free shipping on your next order. Bon voyage!

Kevin Newsum
Kevin Newsum


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