So...How Are Your Resolutions Coming?

by Kevin Newsum January 16, 2019

It's one thing to make the resolution. And another thing to Keep the Resolution.

If you're working on your New Year's Resolution and going strong, that's amazing. Keep going! There's nothing so life affirming as creating a new, optimized version of you.

But, if like so many of us, you wrestle with keeping on task, a little energy and focus can go a long way toward helping you realize your goals.  We recommend some Steamm (or Steamm Lite) to help you kick start your day, but turning that start into a new, healthier you means translating your beginning all day long. 

And to ensure you're getting the most of your new found energy, here are a few exercises to fire up your metabolism, even if you've already started your work day:

  • Master the Stairs. Ditch the elevator small talk in favor of bounding up the stairs: your legs (and heart) will thank you. Work in a giant building with too many flights? Easy. Take the elevator and hop off a couple of floors early. Crank out the rest.
  • Reach for the Stars. No, this isn't a holdup. But a good stretch first thing in the morning can extend your limbs, loosen you up, and shake our the doldrums. For best results, interlace your fingers above your head and extend far overhead. Keep your palms facing upward toward the ceiling.
  • Make Time for Face Time. It can be so easy to camp out at your desk and bang out emails all day. But if there's someone you need to talk to at work, why not walk (briskly?) over there instead. Two birds, one chat, so to speak.
  • Save the Hammy for Lunch. Use your lunch break to burn more calories than you take in with a simple hamstring strengthening exercise, the Standing Leg Curl. Stand up behind your chair and hold onto it - kick one foot back gently, aiming your heel toward your upper thigh. Lower the foot back down and repeat the exercise with your other leg. Do so for 10 reps. Pause to work on that sandwich a little. Then crank out 10 more.
  • Work On The Secret Handshake. Sitting up in place with your feet on the floor, clasp your hands together as if you're giving yourself a handshake (one of your thumbs should be pointing toward the floor, the other toward the ceiling). Simultaneously pull both hands for ten seconds or more at a time, until you can feel it in your triceps. Release. Repeat.

Those are just a few of the many ways you can build yourself up, even when you're on the job. Soon, you'll be a lean, mean productive machine. Cheers!

Kevin Newsum
Kevin Newsum


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